World Investment Opportunities Funds

The WIOF is a comprehensive range of investment Sub-Funds registered in Luxembourg since 1999 - Europe’s foremost centre of Investment Funds designed to be marketed around the globe - with some very interesting customer-friendly features.

The main objective of the World Funds is to maximize return of capital to shareholders by transferable securities, such as equities, bonds, money market instruments, units of other UCITS or UCIs.

Each Sub-Fund is professionally managed and subscribes to the principle of diversification, and each security is selected according to rigorous criteria.

Particular Sub-Funds within the WIOF are focused on Emerging markets and most of them are Absolute Return Sub-Funds, which are subject to a Performance Fee according to the achievement of determined return by increase in their Net Asset Value specified in Prospectus.

The WIOF is an open-ended investment company registered on the official list of collective investment undertakings pursuant the Luxembourg law of 20th of March, 2002 on collective investment undertakings.