Cornhill has launched an exciting new international equity fund for investors looking to tap into investment opportunities in developed markets.

The WIOF International Equity Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through investment in equity markets around the world and is a ‘must have’ for a diversified investment portfolio.

The Luxembourg UCITS V regulated fund is managed by investment specialists Cogent Asset Management Ltd who run award-winning and top performing funds across various categories, including our WSF Global Equity Fund.

Unlike the WSF Global Equity Fund, the WIOF International Equity Fund is a conventional fund, investing in a broad range of sectors. The new fund will benefit from Cogent’s special investment process and the strategy which has helped the WSF Global Equity Fund to repeatedly outperform its peers.

Derek Chambers, Chairman, Cornhill Management, said of the new fund: “The team in charge of the portfolio has a proven track record of overseeing an award-winning international equity fund and are there to repeat that success with our newest fund.”

The fund is now open for subscriptions.

Please contact sales@1cornhill.com