About us

Welcome to Cornhill Management, a pioneer and emerging force in the provision of bespoke financial investment solutions. Since our foundation in 1997, we have provided tailor-made investment products and bridged the gap between product design, engineering, distribution and marketing. Delivered through a global network of specially selected partners in 50 countries on four continents and coupled with world class support services, our investment solutions are shaped to meet every investor profile.

Combining the expertise and local knowledge of our global network of investment partners with our high-class worldwide distribution network overseeing sales and customer care, for 20 years we have blended the best features of traditional investment products with the innovation and creativity of our product team to deliver cutting edge financial solutions to clients across the world.

This has cemented our place in the global finance industry as a pioneer of unique investment solutions and allowed us to establish ourselves as a premier specialist in regular savings plans, investment funds, international trusts, QROPS, investment accounts and structured financial products.

A global force with a true international presence, Cornhill Management has USD 1 billion of assets under management on behalf of more than 100,000 clients worldwide.

Our aim is to provide world class innovative global financial investment solutions to retail and institutional clients through our unique operational concept: using an unparalleled range of services and support networks we allow our award-winning investment partners to focus on doing what they do best - delivering world class performance for our investors.

We are committed to the continual improvement and innovation of our products to maintain them at the very highest standards and to offering our clients world-class bespoke investment solutions to meet their financial goals.