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FUND OF THE MONTH OF APRIL, MAY 2010 - WIOF Global Listed Utilities Fund

14.04.2010 Ken Teale, Chief Investment Officer, Nucleus Global Investors, Australia Investing in Utilities may sound to most people something of a backwater however Utilities provide some of societies most ... Read more

Fund of the month of February, March 2010 - WIOF African Performance Fund

14.02.2010 Peter Leger, Portfolio Manager, Coronation Asset Management “Africa’s relative growth prospects show that it looks a far better investment than many other regions.” Investing in Africa can be, mildly ... Read more

WIOF Middle East Performance Fund - Portfolio Manager Questionnaire

14.11.2009 Mujib Moosa - MBA finance (Poona University, India), started his career in 1994 working for the Economic Times, an Indian financial newspaper where he covered several sectors. In 1998, he moved to Fincorp in ... Read more

Interview with manager of WIOF China Opportunities Fund

17.09.2009 James Liu, Deputy CIO, APS Asset Management, Singapore “Managers who want to do well and outperform consistently in this market have no choice but to get their hands dirty by doing their research at first ... Read more

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