The WIOF Fund Basket Note offers investors the chance to take advantage of the proven long-term performance of emerging markets with the security of capital protection while also giving them access to the growing sector of Structured Investments.

The structured product uses an underlying basket of Cornhill Management funds, each equally weighted, to leverage the performance of the dynamic emerging markets of China, India, Russia and Africa.

Offering not just dynamic exposure to the upside performance of Cornhill Management’s WIOF funds, the Note also has a comprehensive in-built mechanism designed to give risk control.

A dynamic allocation process provides a check on significant volatility movements with a daily rebalancing carried out between the WIOF funds and cash assets aiming to restrict volatility.

A secondary market means the product, which is 90% Capital Guaranteed by leading bank and financial services organisation Société Générale, need not be held until maturity. Clients may redeem at current prices (as published on our website, subject to a 1% bid-offer spread).

Seen as playing an ever more crucial role in the portfolios of high net worth investors, structured products are widening choices for investors and giving them access to investment strategies otherwise available only to “elite” or institutional investors.


Trend in bid prices of WIOF Fund Basket Note (USD)