World Funds

The World Funds comprise a wide range of unique investment funds World Investment Opportunities Funds (WIOF), World Performance Portfolios (WPP) and World Strategy Portfolios (WSP). The range is completed by one specialist fund - the GFG FX Algorithmic Fund – specialist fund adding to the rich palette of investment opportunities offered by the World Funds. Domiciled in Luxembourg and developed for both retail and institutional investors worldwide, the breadth of the World Funds offer means there is a Cornhill fund to meet the investment needs of any investor.

Discover the investment opportunities offered by the following sub-funds:

  • Equity Funds (including Absolute Return Funds)
  • Bond Funds
  • Mixed Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income Funds

wiof World Investment Opportunities Funds

wppWorld Performance Portfolios

wspWorld Strategy Portfolios

wiof FX Fund