Advantages of WPP

  • Multiple managers - A unique feature of the World Funds, and probably the most important difference between the World Funds and its competition, is the selection of leading and highly skilled investment professionals from around the world with a proven track record and expertise to manage the specific investment funds or strategies that you will find inside the WPP.
  • Choice of subscription currency - Shares of a particular Sub-Fund are issued based on prices established in the currency of the investor’s choice, instead of the investment manager’s preferred currency, as it is the case of most international investment funds offered in these markets.
  • Choice of charging structure - Investors have a choice to either pay the initial charges, which is usual for most investment funds (Share Class A), or to choose B Class shares of the Sub-Funds and all invested money will start working for the investor immediately.
  • Active risk management of portfolio of Sub-Funds - The WPP, through its excellent Investment Managers, offers active risk management of portfolio sub-funds allowing any and every investor to actively manage level of risks.