World Strategy Portfolios

The WSP is a comprehensive range of investment Funds of Funds registered in Luxembourg since 2010 – Europe’s foremost centre of Investment Funds designed to be marketed around the globe – with some very interesting customer-friendly features.

Each Sub-Fund is professionally managed and subscribes to the principle of diversification, and each security is selected according to rigorous criteria.

Every Sub-Fund within the WSP offers diversified investment strategies, where the level of risk is controlled by the investor. These Portfolio Sub-Funds are endeavouring to control the level of risk that you take with your investments to give you peace of mind. The Portfolio Sub-Funds combine different strategic approaches, incorporating a wide allocation range and choice of securities. This allows investors to benefit from a diverse approach to fund management as well as reduced exposure to volatility of a particular type of security, sector or strategy.

The WSP is an open-ended investment company registered on the official list of collective investment undertakings pursuant to the Luxembourg law of 20th of March 2002 on collective investment undertakings.