Mamer, 2 February 2011

Dear Shareholders,

The Cairo Stock Exchange has been closed since 30 January 2011 and, therefore, the last official available prices are those as of 27 January, 2011.

Considering that the sub-fund WIOF African Performance Fund invests around 11% of its assets in Egyptian securities and the WIOF Eastern Mediterranean Performance Fund invests around 33% of its assets in Egyptian securities, the Board of Directors of World Investment Opportunities Funds (“the Company”) has decided, in accordance with article 22 of the articles of incorporation of the Company, to suspend the calculation of the net asset value of the sub-funds WIOF African Performance Fund and WIOF Eastern Mediterranean Performance Fund as of 2 February 2011.

Consequently, subscriptions, redemptions and conversions orders of shares in those sub-funds sent after 1 February 2011, 4:00 pm have been suspended.

Those suspensions will apply until the Cairo Stock Exchange re-opens.

The orders that have been suspended will be dealt with on the first Valuation Day following the end of the suspension period.


World Investment Opportunities Funds