Raiffeisenbank a.s., in the Czech Republic, netted a profit increase lastyear ( 2006 ) of 51% with total assets increasing to nearly CZK 90 billion.Examining the two previous years, the net profit in 2006 reached CZK562.2 million compared with CZK 371.5 million in 2005.

Lubor Žalman, the managing director of Raiffeisenbank a.s. said: “ Lastyear was exceptional for Raiffeisenbank a.s. with all time highs. We were ableto achieve an increase in our profit while keeping costs under control.Moreover, we had an increase in market share in all crucial segments.”

Pretax profit rose by 54% to CZK 764 million with total assets reaching CZK89.7 billion at the end of 2006. And when compared to the total assets in theyear 2005, CZK 75.9 billion, this represents an increase of 18%.

Lubor Žalman also stated: “Appreciation of the sound growth ofRaiffeisenbank a.s. has been shown by the professional public awardingRaiffeisenbank a.s., “ The Most Dynamic Bank in 2006.”

Last year’s results show, once again, the strong position ofRaiffeisenbank a.s. in the region, as well as in international financialmarkets.

Source: http://www.rb.cz/