SFM has begun the exclusive marketing of an autocallable note as the importance of structured investment products in investor portfolios grows.

The Cornhill Autocallable Note structured product offers investors the chance to realise attractive pre-defined returns based on the performance of two of the world’s leading stock indices – the UK’s FTSE 100 and the US S&P 500.

Issued by global financial services leader Morgan Stanley, the Note uses the performance of the two indices to realise returns. Investors have the opportunity of early redemption on a half-yearly basis subject to the levels of both indices.

Among a raft of other attractive features for investors are the fact that it carries no on-going charges and no currency risk.

The launch of the Note comes as structured products become more important in investors’ portfolios, offering them the potential for a high yield at maturity and access to investment strategies otherwise available only to “elite” or institutional investors.

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