Top regional asset management companies NFD and NFD Aureus Invest have been appointed as investment advisers to Cornhill Management’s WIOF fund range, it was announced today.

NFD, one of the leading fund managers in the region, takes over the investment adviser role for the WIOF Emerging Europe Performance Fund.

NFD Aureus Invest, which has created a name for itself in the industry for its innovative asset management concepts and technologies, is the new investment adviser for the WIOF Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund and the WIOF Russia and CIS Performance Fund.

Both companies were chosen using Cornhill Management’s rigorous screening process which ensures that only world-class asset managers are appointed to advise on its funds.

The appointments reaffirm the strength of Cornhill Management’s products by bringing together the expertise of top investment specialists in some of the world’s most dynamic investment regions with Cornhill Management’s market-leading investment solutions.

Derek Chambers, CEO of Cornhill Management, said: “These appointments serve to underline our dedication to ensuring only the highest quality investment professionals work with our funds. We are delighted to welcome our new investment advisers to Cornhill’s global partnership network and look forward to our co-operation with them.”

Cornhill Management’s WIOF products are a range of Luxembourg domiciled, UCITS compliant SICAV sub funds investing in markets around the world.



NFD Aureus Invest is the largest private asset management company in Croatia with one of the most diversified product portfolios among asset management companies in the region and is recognized for its innovative asset management concepts and technologies.

NFD is one of the leading fund managers in Slovenia and has a strong regional footprint. One of the most experienced fund management teams in the region, it adheres to the highest standards of asset management and aspires to outperform in challenging European frontier markets in various asset classes.