The Banker, an international magazine from the Financial Times group, haschosen KBL European Private Bankers as Bank of the Year 2007 in Luxembourg. KBLEuropean Private Bankers follow BCEE (2005 and 2006) and BGL (2004) in the listof award-winning Luxembourg banks.

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 KBL European Private Bankers was representedby Mrs Marie-Paule Gillen, General Secretary, and Mr Olivier de Jamblinne, Headof Private Banking, at the prize-giving ceremony in London, where they acceptedthe trophy from the hands of Stephen Timewell, editor in chief of The Banker.This award is recognition, from a world-famous financial publication, of thequality of service and advice from a private bank which is expanding bothnationally and internationally. It also confirms the already high level ofinvolvement and skill of the company’s mana­gement and staff. Mr EtienneVerwilghen, CEO of KBL European Private Bankers, was pleased to see his companychosen as Bank of the Year 2007 in Luxembourg: “This award crowns a year inwhich we have made great efforts to improve our innovative capacities as well asour performance. I would like to thank all our staff, in Luxembourg and acrossEurope, who have helped us to meet the expectations of demanding private clientsand at the same time reach our financial and strategic goals. Our client-centredapproach and our decision to maintain our expansion in Europe both throughorganic growth and the regular acquisition of new private bankers, attracted bythe dynamism of our project, have also borne fruit. Buoyed by this success ourambition is, today, to position our bank as a major player in private banking inwestern Europe, and tomorrow, in central and eastern Europe”, Mr Verwilghenconcluded.