Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K ‘Markaz’, one of the leading investmentbanking and asset management companies in the Middle East, with total assetsunder management of over KD 781 million as of March 31, 2009, has been selectedto act as the Investment Advisor of WIOF Middle East Performance Fund.

The Fund targets both institutional and retail investors in Europe, Asia, andMiddle East, and will invest in MENA Markets to achieve the best possiblereturn. The Fund is registered with the Capital Market Authorities in Luxembourgand is also UCITS III compliant signifying very high levels of compliance,guidelines and transparency.

Mr. Manaf Alhajeri, General Manager of Markaz said „We thank Cornhill Management forentrusting Markaz with the management of the Middle East Performance Fund. Thistrust lies on an excellent track-record spanning many years and the capacity topropose custom made investment solutions to institutional investors. The MiddleEast possesses some enticing investment opportunities, and despite the financialcrisis, is forecasted to be the second fastest economy after emerging Asia owingto large financial surpluses, massive oil reserves, and liquidity As per agencyprojections, the Middle East region is expected to grow by 2.5% during2009 while the world economy is expected to contract by 1.3%. In light ofeconomic recovery, the region is expected to bounce back much more swiftly thandeveloped world.“

Mr. Derek Chambers, Chairman & CEO of Cornhill Management said “We select ourpartners based on their reputation in the field and performance track record,and our due diligence is stringent and extensive. Our objective is to offer thebest of breed local asset managers to sophisticated investors interested inemerging markets.”

“The Fund will invest in MENA Markets, as we can see attractive investmentopportunities over the long term, in order to benefit from the wide spectrum offundamentally strong and growing sectors. It completes nicely our range ofemerging market funds.”