Product Engineering and Fund Structuring


With eligible asset classes expanding and access to listed fund vehicles becoming more available, the popularity of investment funds as a means of raising capital is on the up. But to get the best out of a fund, it needs to be properly structured and closely aligned to the objectives of those setting up the fund – which is where Cornhill comes in. 

We have many years of experience in creating and marketing award-winning funds across all asset classes, including equity, fixed income, real estate, alternative investments including securitisation funds, ethical funds, funds of funds and mixed asset funds. 

We work with a number of expert partners to ensure that your fund is created using the optimal structure with regard to your objectives, tax situation, regulation, legal and compliance matters.


We tailor-make modern and innovative regulatory compliant financial products and services for a range of clients world-wide. Our product engineering team has a proven track record of working closely with the client to understand the objectives before supplying intelligent, practical solutions to complex market situations. 

We are able to provide dedicated global support and network services if required. We have local regional partners with full knowledge of technical, regulatory and tax matters, meaning we are able to not only build a product to meet your specifications, we can also provide full operational and distribution support. 

To find out how Cornhill can help structure your fund or create a financial product to suit your needs, speak to your financial adviser or get in touch with us at

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